How to generate leads using chatbots ?

March 22, 2024

Chatbots have become essential tools today in all areas. In digital marketing, these tools are real commercial agents. They are involved at all stages, from prospecting to ensuring after-sales service, including customer conversion. However, to make good use of these tools in marketing, there are some best practices you should adopt. This article invites you to discover some of them.

Define your prospect research goals

Chatbots are conversational agents that use artificial intelligence to engage in conversations with visitors to your website. They have the ability to provide personalized responses to each user, according to their needs and profile. These are revolutionary and very powerful tools, but to use them well, there are details to take into account. Before implementing a chatbot, it is essential to clearly define your lead generation objectives. What do you want to achieve using these tools? Would you like:

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  • Increase interactions with your structure;
  • Generate appointments;
  • Qualify leads;
  • Convert prospects into customers;
  • Generate appointments, etc.

Each AI has functionalities that allow it to meet specific needs. In order to choose the tool you need, defining your objectives is of great importance.

Opt for the best chatbots

There are different types of chatbots on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. First with regard to their operation, these tools use various approaches to answer user questions. Some AIs use the rule system, while others use machine learning to provide their answers. But this is not the most important thing in making the right choice. You must indeed take into consideration some of the most important elements. These include, among others:

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The functionalities of your chatbot

First of all, you must ensure that your chatbot has the necessary functionalities to achieve your objectives, such as qualifying prospects, making appointments or collecting information.

Your tool should be able to ask simple questions that allow it to identify user needs. It must also be able to segment prospects to identify those who are the most efficient. In addition to this, for an effective marketing strategy, AI must be able to collect the prospect's contact details, and even invite them to join a newsletter.

Utilisation facility

The AI of the chatbot cannot be of much use within the company in terms of prospecting, if it cannot generate leads. To do this, you must avoid choosing a boring tool. In addition to offering an intuitive interface, the tool must be easy to use for visitors to your website. It should also use simple language to allow users to understand it well.

The integration

First, you must inform yourself that the integration of AI into your CRM is done on the basis of a subscription. The ideal for you is therefore to opt for a product that is fairly affordable in terms of cost. But, apart from that, the chatbot must be able to integrate into your CRM or your marketing automation platform as easily as possible. This will be very useful for you to centralize the data collected in order to better launch your marketing campaigns.

Properly configure your chatbot

The last best practice for generating leads with your chatbot is to configure it properly. This is a fairly important step that you must follow to ensure its effectiveness. To do this, there are a few points that should not be overlooked:

  • Write a clear, concise and impactful welcome message to encourage the visitor to initiate a conversation;
  • Define relevant questions to be asked by the chatbot to help qualify prospects;
  • Also write responses that are informative, engaging and adapted to the prospect's profile.

After doing all this, you need to test your chatbot before putting it live. This is to ensure that the tool works correctly and meets user expectations.