Discover the Top Canyoning Destinations Around the World

May 1, 2024

Canyoning is an exciting activity that involves exploring gorges and ravines as you travel downstream. This adventure offers total immersion in spectacular natural landscapes, with waterfalls, natural pools and rock faces. If you love the joys of water and are a keen explorer, this is the activity for your next vacation. This article presents the best spots to try this activity.


Bali, the Island of the Gods, is renowned for its white sandy beaches, ancient temples and lush landscapes. But beyond its classic tourist attractions, Bali also offers exciting possibilities for canyoning enthusiasts.

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One of Bali's top canyoning destinations is the Kerenkali Canyon. Nestled in the island's mountainous region, this canyon offers a variety of natural obstacles, including waterfalls, natural pools and rock walls. Its descents therefore offer unique and unforgettable experiences, combining the adrenaline of adventure with the picturesque beauty of Balinese nature.

As this full article shows, there are other canyons in Bali offering equally exciting adventures. These include Blue Gorge Canyon, Kalimudah Canyon, Excalibur Canyon and many more.

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French Alps

France is another top destination for canyoning. For your next vacation, head to the French Alps for thrilling adventures. With its majestic mountains, crystal-clear rivers and spectacular gorges, this region is packed with canyons to explore. 

Among the most famous is the Verdon Canyon, nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of Europe". With its towering limestone walls, turquoise waters and impressive waterfalls, the Verdon offers breathtaking canyon descents. The French Alps are also home to other canyoning gems, such as the canyon de la Bérarde in the Ecrins National Park, offering varied adventures for all skill levels.

This destination promises unforgettable experiences in breathtaking natural settings.


Hawaii, a tropical paradise on the Pacific Ocean, is a dream destination for canyoning enthusiasts in search of exoticism and adventure. On the island of Kauai, nicknamed the "Garden Isle", the canyons offer breathtaking scenery, with steep cliffs, majestic waterfalls and lush vegetation.

So, if you've never visited the Pacific Islands, get your gear together and head for Kauai. In this destination, the famous Waimea Canyon, nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", is a must for canyoning enthusiasts. 

With its reddish walls and breathtaking panoramas, this canyon offers thrilling descents through spectacular volcanic landscapes. Like other destinations, Hawaii is also home to other picturesque canyoning sites, such as Pololu Canyon on Big Island. So you're sure to have the vacation of your dreams, with your feet in the water.

Sierra Nevada, Spain

For those who don't want to leave Europe, the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain is also a great canyoning destination. This mountainous region offers a perfect blend of varied landscapes, deep gorges and tumultuous rivers.

Among the Sierra Nevada's most emblematic canyons is the famous Río Verde canyon. Its descents offer guaranteed thrills, with dizzying abseils, natural slides and refreshing natural pools. In addition to the Río Verde canyon, the Sierra Nevada is home to many other magnificent canyoning sites, such as the Lentegí canyon and the La Cueva canyon.