Scanning Us

All Tolland County Fire Dispatch dispatches are now done in 'Plain Speak'. This means that there is no longer the use of signal or code numbers when a department is 'toned out' for a call. If you would like to view the list of signals and codes we used to use, please click here.

Click HERE to listen to our live scanner feed.

Typically there are two frequencies we use when communicating with dispatch. The first frequency, 33.80mhz, is used by Tolland County Fire Dispatch to tone out the department. The second frequency, 33.86mhz, is used for our officers and apparatus to co-ordinate operations both between each other and with dispatch.

New Crossband to 33.86 is working great (155.8200 mhz - VHF High)

If you listed to the scanner enough, you will of course here surrounding towns as well as us. Below you will find a list of station numbers. The station number is a suffix to each units call sign, for example, Stafford Fire Dept. No. 1 is station 45, so all of our call signs end in 45.

Station Department
07  Eagleville
08  South Coventry
11  North Coventry
13  Willington No. 1
15  Andover
17  Mansfield
19 Tolland County Dispatch
20  Ashford
34  Bolton
38  Warehouse Point
39  Broad Brook
40  Tolland
41  Vernon
42  Crystal Lake
43  Ellington
44  West Stafford
45  Staffordville
46  Somers
48  Tri-County Fire Police
49  Willington Hill
72  Union
JMH or Johnson Medic
Johnson Memorial Hospital Medics (ASM)
RGH or Rockville Medic  Rockville Hospital Medics (AMR)