Here you will find some brief information about some of the more serious calls as they happen. Incidents which will be on this page include fires, car accidents, water rescues, and the like. Not all calls will appear on this page.

Call Logs

Motorcycle Accident - October 5th, 2007
Not much information is available about this accident. Single motorcycle lost control in the area of Stafford High School, and resulted in an impact with a street sign. There was a single male patient found on the ground complaining of difficulty breathing. The patient was treated on scene by SFD No. 1 technicians as well as JMH Medic and Stafford Ambulance. He was transported to Johnson Hospital, and then airlifted via Lifestar to Harford Hospital.

2 Car Motor Vehicle Accident, 1 Car Roll-Over, 2nd vs. Tree - September 25th, 2007
We responded to a motor vehicle accident in which one vehicle struck the tail end of another causing it to strike a curb and flip onto it's roof. The truck in question had a complete collapse of the driver/passenger compartment. The vehicle which struck the truck impacted a telephone pole following the initial crash. That patient was taken ALS to Hartford Hospital. The driver of the truck was uninjured and not transported.

Car vs. Building, Millpond Store - September 8th, 2007
On September 8th, 2007 the Stafford Fire Dept. No. 1 responded to a motor vehicle accident where a truck driven by a 20 year old male had run into a building. The vehicle lost control on Rte. 19 and slid into the front of the Millpond Store striking the center support column for the buildings second floor balcony and breaking it. The patient was rapidly extricated with the assistance of the Stafford Ambulance Association and the Johnson Memorial Hospital paramedic, and transported to nearby Stafford High School where the ambulance met with Life Star. The patient was then airlifted to Hartford Hospital which is the closest Level 1 Trauma Center. The area was shut down for several hours while the fire department cleaned up hazards and the State Police Accident Reconstruction Team performed their duties.

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